Thoughtful guidance & sequencing for yogis of all types

Onward Facing Yoga sequence homepageThis innovative yoga appOnward Facing Yoga's Sequence List provides insightful instruction to yogis from all corners of the practice. Going beyond a single yoga system, each sequence builds on svadyaya (self-study) to help everybody discover their anatomy, energy, and mind.

Choose a sequence that best meets your needs and abilities, then press play. You’ll be guided with accurate, easy-to-follow instructions. You can also customize your practice to fit your schedule by lengthening or shortening any sequence.

A useful tool for yoga teachers

Sequence description, recommended yoga props and duration options.Onward Facing Yoga Guidesheet exampleEvery sequence on Onward Facing Yoga includes a guide sheet for your self-practice or for teaching your next class. Every guide sheet has:

The theme of each sequence.
English and Sanskrit names of all poses.
An illustration of the pose.
Two or three key cues to focus on.

You can use this app as material for a class you’ve just been asked to sub for in 15 minutes or as a springboard for developing your own ideas.