Onward Facing Yoga app decodes the practice for yogis of all types

Media Contact: Richard Gartner, app creator

An organic yoga app in an era of standardization

Pittsburgh, PA (March 2016) Onward Facing Yoga is a new app for both those who practice and those who teach. The eleven sequences playfully explore various aspects of yoga philosophy, anatomy and breathwork, at various levels of challenge. This results in a robust yoga curriculum that allows anybody to listen inward and choose a practice that’s right for them.

It’s free to download with five sequences and full functionality. The complete version gives you access to an additional six sequences.

Each sequence has a mission and a purpose. ‘Don’t Stand For it’ focuses on getting people off their tired feet. ‘Oh The Places You’ll Breathe!’ is a lighthearted sequence for breathwork. ‘Sun-Faced Buddha’ is a short morning practice to start your day. Future sequences will be based on user feedback and include a specialized practice for vertigo.

The narrations provide guidance for all levels of experience and ability in a warm compassionate way. “This is my attempt at addressing balance on a broad scale,” says Richard Gartner, creator of the app.

Richard designed dynamic sequences with a few body types in mind. “If somebody is really tight and stiff, they need to stretch. If somebody’s hyperflexible, they need to stabilize.” The app features several sequences for both crowds.

For practitioners, each sequence can be shortened or lengthened to suit their schedule. For teachers, each sequence includes a guide sheet with a complete list of poses and cues to focus on. Graduates of teacher training programs can use the guide sheet to lead a class or as a springboard for developing their own ideas.

Every sequence and cue aims to foster exploration and self-study. “Nobody should have to fit into a yoga practice. Yoga was always meant fit the individual. I’ve designed this app to reaffirm that.”

Onward Facing Yoga is downloadable directly through the iTunes App Store or through the website. onwardfacingyoga.com

Below are individual images of the logo and postures. A zipped file of them can be downloaded here.


About Richard Gartner

App designer Richard Gartner teaches yoga workshops, classes, individual instruction, and teacher training modules in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and beyond. He fosters a non-dogmatic and compassionate attitude about students’ abilities and circumstances.

Richard’s workshops span a variety of topics, including shoulder stability, reviving the lower back and hips, pelvic support through leg engagement, and utilizing breathwork. He also offers several teacher training modules exploring topics like Yin Yoga, fascial line anatomy, and joint and muscle function. A common thread weaves these various disciplines together: an assertion that anybody can benefit from a yoga practice.

For more information about Richard Gartner and his event schedule, visit rgyoga.com.

About Onward Facing Yoga

Onward Facing Yoga is an app for those who practice and those who teach. It’s free to download with five sequences and full functionality. The complete version gives you access to an additional six sequences.

This innovative yoga app provides insightful instruction to yogis from all corners of the practice. Going beyond a single yoga system, each sequence builds on self-study to help everybody discover their anatomy, energy, and mind.

Choose a sequence that best meets your needs and abilities, then press play. You’ll be guided with accurate, easy-to-follow instructions. You can also customize your practice to fit your schedule by lengthening or shortening any sequence. It’s available on the iTunes App Store.



Logo and illustrations by David Pohl. Image zip file: https://onwardfacingyoga.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/onward_facing_yoga_app_images.zip